‚ÄčT h e  O r g a s m i c   M a n i f e s t i n g   P o d c a s t
Modern Mysticism + Manifestation
Advance ‚Äčmanifestation for the professional psychics and modern hedonists devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, wealth, and wisdom rooted in spirituality beyond the intellect.

About the Orgasmic Manifesting Podcast

The Orgasmic Manifesting Podcast is centered on the most creative energy available to us that could exponentially help is manifest the most delicious and deeply satisfying life and business. For atomic level manifesting energy, we focus on psychodynamic tuning, so all part of us align, including our sexual side which we have suppressed since our early childhood. We believe that various systems (e.g. physical, biological, humanity) should be viewed as wholes, not merely as a collection of parts.

For the no-nonsense spiritual badass modern hedonists psychic b!tch, devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, wealth, and cosmic wisdom beyond the intellect.